My journey towards Associated Certified Coach was a positive emotional roller coaster as well one of my most valuable learning experiences. The knowledge, generosity and safe space enabled so much personal reflection and practical impact from powerful questions that I practically got to know a totally new me.
It feels like I have focused on my weaknesses all my life until I finally realized it was ok to embrace my strengths. Being quiet has never been one of those strengths but I finally also learned to “say more by talking less”. Today, as an experienced coach and business advisor, I am also empowered with the best tools and community access to fellow practitioners to unleash the hidden potential of organizations or individuals.Today I interact with suicidal fellow human beings to highly engaged business leaders and their teams that all share the same vision: To be the one they really want to be and take their next step towards that dream. For me that is extremely meaningful. I help others to save the planet. I save companies. I save people. One by one. Coaching is one of my most important tools. I am humble and grateful for how CoachCompanion transformed me to a crisper version of myself. We all have a decision in every interaction we have, person by person. To judge or to be curious. I choose curiosity. Coaching will remain a crucial leadership skills going forward for me as I believe it will be for anyone else out there in the flatter organization