In 2018, I joined my first Coaching course at Coach Companion in Malmö. I left the 1-year ACTP program in the middle by getting a Diploma for the Swedish market. After a few years of soul searching, I contacted Coach Companion again because I found that the Diploma was not enough as an international Coach credential.
The ACTP program in 2021 was online and offered in English for learners around the world. It was good to compare the classroom and online courses. I found the quality of the online course was no less than the classroom experience, rather it was more efficient and focused. The transit of break-out sessions was swift and automatic, and no time was wasted. Chatting with classmates during breaks may be missed but the convenience of the online setting encouraged us to set up sessions frequently and build deeper bonds throughout the year, not only during the classes but also during the individual peer coaching sessions.

Being an ICF certified Coach now, I am glad to finish the 1-year ACTP program. For me who wants to work internationally as a coach, it is indispensable to obtain the common knowledge and skills of the ICF professional coach through this one year program.