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One of Sweden’s oldest education organisations in professional coaching & leadership

CoachCompanion is one of the oldest and most experienced organisations in Sweden offering coaching education both in Sweden and worldwide since 2004. This programme is delivered in Swedish and English.

CoachCompanion meets the requirements and demands of the modern, global society and offers coaching education ONLINE, welcoming participants to meet, learn and accomplish desired results from the comfort of their own homes.

CoachCompanion is accredited by the ICF to handle the whole education, including the performance evaluation, which makes the whole process towards credentialing smooth and easy, so-called All-Inclusive service for participants.

We partner with our participants all the way, from the very first day of education throughout the application for earning the ICF credentialing, recognised worldwide.

CoachCompanion’s education programmes are well-known for deep and profound professional knowledge packaged in easy-to-understand modules and training days. Our participants report that they experience life changing personal insights. We are also acknowledged for our ability to mix “hard” and “soft” values, tools and skills. Everything is delivered in an atmosphere of acceptance and growth which is the best platform for learning and achieving great results.

Our customers

Today, CoachCompanion provides education and coaching assignments for companies aware of the impact of coaching, equipping managers, leaders and their staff with coaching tools, following the latest trends in the leadership industry.
Companies who want to optimise their productivity, while focusing on the importance of their employees’ health and wellbeing.

Individuals who enrol with our open coaching education, aim to get their credentialing as professional coaches, increasing the competitional edge and credibility in the expansive branch of coaching.

Our services

Our coaching education and coaching assignments and designed to create a healthy working environment unleashing the potential of every individual.

Accredited by the ICF to train the trainer by educating professional coaches. Duration 8 or 16 days.

Leadership training Propellermodellen®. Choose between 2 or 4 days.

Team-coaching to support teams and managers. Choose between 4 or 6 days.

Tailor-made coaching assignments to meet your needs.

Why CoachCompanion & Coaching

Established in 2004, CoachCompanion has a long history of a “know how” and a proven successful concept in the expansive coaching industry. We aim to inspire and support individuals within organisations by providing education, workshops and coaching that contribute to the mindset of the infinite human potential as integral part of the global culture. Together with our customers, our partners, we are re-writing the leadership history by building strong teams and  internal coaching structure. When people grow, your business grow!