8 days education

Mentor coaching


Performance evaluation

Support with ICF credentialing application

PCC Education

Block 2 – Master Certification Programme for Coaches and Leaders

This programme is for you who is ready to take your next step in Coaching Education.

With the awareness of the impact of professional coaching, the demand for professional certified coaches is higher than ever. International Coaching Federation, the leading actor in Coaching and Leadership Industry, with the non-compromising highest standards in professional coaching, guarantees the customer the highest quality of coaching money can buy.

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8 days education

Mentor coaching

Observed sessions

Own studies

Performance evaluation

Support with ICF credentialing application

For whom?

Coaches with accomplished an ICF accredited education of at least of 60 education hours (ACTP or ACSTH).

Block 2 is your next step to achieve ACC or PCC, the prestigious credentialing issued by ICF, which you are qualified for, after the completed education at CoachCompanion.

Master Certification Programme offers Quality, Competence and Professionalism and provides you with all tools needed to successfully reach your credentialing goal. CoachCompanion makes space for a safe learning environment where people develop and learn by doing and practicing coaching from the very first day of education.


This further education is designed for coaches and leaders who understand the importance of quality and professionalism, dedicated to their profession and decisive in achieving an ACC or PCC credentialing, issued by ICF (International Coaching Federation). CoachCompanion is your partner throughout the entire process. Your goal is our goal!

Starting dates


January 2024

Time: 9.00-16.00 CET (Stockholm time)

25 January
13 February
6 March
27 March
18 April
7 May
31 May
19 June

February 2024

Time: 11.00-18.00 JST (Tokyo time)

27 February
22 March
11 April
24 April
14 May
5 June
25 June
19 July

March 2024

Time: 15.00-22.00 CET (Stockholm time)

7 March
25 March
9 April
8 May
28 May
11 June
9 July
6 August

August 2024

Time: 9.00-16.00 CET (Stockholm time)

14 August
30 August
19 September
8 October
28 October
14 November
2 December
19 December

September 2024

Time: 9.00-16.00 EST (New York time)

9 September
3 October
22 October
21 November
10 December
14 January
5 February
25 February

Practical information

8 days education

Online, Synchronous Learning (SL)

Training Hours see Starting Dates


2 900 EUR

ICF Credentialing

Once you have received the certificate for successful completion of coaching education issued by CoachCompanion, you may begin the credentialing process at ICF. Upon receiving your application for desired credentialing (ACC or PCC) you will be guided to take the written examination, conducted by the ICF.

CoachCompanion aims to achieve the highest passing score of our participants at the ICF’s examination platform. We will partner with you throughout the whole process. Your goal is our goal!

Support and individual solutions are offered upon onboarding this education.

For detailed information regarding ICF’s credentialing, please visit

My journey towards Associated Certified Coach was a positive emotional roller coaster as well one of my most valuable learning experiences. The knowledge, generosity and safe space enabled so much personal reflection and practical impact from powerful questions that I practically got to know a totally new me.
It feels like I have focused on my weaknesses all my life until I finally realized it was ok to embrace my strengths. Being quiet has never been one of those strengths but I finally also learned to “say more by talking less”.
Today, as an experienced coach and business advisor, I am also empowered with the best tools and community access to fellow practitioners to unleash the hidden potential of organizations or individuals.Today I interact with suicidal fellow human beings to highly engaged business leaders and their teams that all share the same vision: To be the one they really want to be and take their next step towards that dream. For me that is extremely meaningful. I help others to save the planet. I save companies. I save people. One by one.
Coaching is one of my most important tools. I am humble and grateful for how CoachCompanion transformed me to a crisper version of myself. We all have a decision in every interaction we have, person by person. To judge or to be curious. I choose curiosity. Coaching will remain a crucial leadership skills going forward for me as I believe it will be for anyone else out there in the flatter organization

Sven Hultin

The coaching training has given me a new dimension of listening. I have always valued listening and often been told I am a good listener and through coaching I have learned that there is so much behind listening and how powerful it is to really be with another person in their world.

A fantastic experience that I bring with me in every situation together with other people.

Linda Gunnarsson

In 2018, I joined my first Coaching course at Coach Companion in Malmö. I left the 1-year ACTP program in the middle by getting a Diploma for the Swedish market. After a few years of soul searching, I contacted Coach Companion again because I found that the Diploma was not enough as an international Coach credential.
The ACTP program in 2021 was online and offered in English for learners around the world. It was good to compare the classroom and online courses. I found the quality of the online course was no less than the classroom experience, rather it was more efficient and focused. The transit of break-out sessions was swift and automatic, and no time was wasted. Chatting with classmates during breaks may be missed but the convenience of the online setting encouraged us to set up sessions frequently and build deeper bonds throughout the year, not only during the classes but also during the individual peer coaching sessions.

Being an ICF certified Coach now, I am glad to finish the 1-year ACTP program. For me who wants to work internationally as a coach, it is indispensable to obtain the common knowledge and skills of the ICF professional coach through this one year program.

Kazumi Ichiba
Sweden / Japan


Observe that Mentor Coaching and Self-Studies hours can vary if you apply to Block 2 from another school. Please attach your Diploma or Certificate for estimation.

8 days education

Education is held via Zoom, education hours according to the schedule.

Mentor coaching

Mentor coaching sessions with a professional certified coach (PCC) both individually and in a group.

Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation after completion of all parts of this education.

Own studies



Support with ICF credentialing application*

* ICF application for the international credentialing is not included in the fee.