Become international certified coach within a year

International Intensive ACTP training program

For whom

This training is for you who loves to help other people in their professional career and/or personal development. You are goal oriented and want the best and highest results both for yourself and for your client. And you are willing to focus your energy and drive for reaching it. You may work as a coach already but without sufficient coach training or you have a management or leadership position and want to improve your leadership coaching skills.

Our intention is to train you to be one of the best coaches on the market.


This is an Intensive – four days x four within one year. Four days (in a row) per quarter. We start with coach basic training and proceed with advanced during the second part of the training. The training ends with an oral exam followed by registration at ICF International and the written exam for ACC or PCC, depending on the amount of client hours done so far.

The whole training is based on the 11 core competences ICF (International Coach Federation) has defined for professional coaches on a global market.


  • Altogether 16 training days, 9 – 5 each day, four days (in a row) x four
  • Five individual mentor coaching sessions by phone or skype between the training days
  • 18 mentor coaching sessions in group within the training days
  • Written and oral feedback on several occasions from experienced mentor coaches
  • Two oral exams (by phone or skype)
  • Support with ICF registration and written exam
  • Certification dinner and ceremony

To be allowed for international credentialing the participant also needs to collect at least 100 payed client hours for ACC (25 hours of them might be pro bono) or 500 hours for PCC, completed by each student between the training days


Malmö, Stortorget 9, Sweden

Only 20 minutes by train from Copenhagen airport

Why CoachCompanion

CoachCompanion is one the oldest and most experienced coach training institutes in Sweden offering coach training both in Sweden, Finland, Rumania and South Africa.

CoachCompanion is accredited by ICF to handle the oral exam for our participants, so called ACTP (Approved Coach Training Program) which makes the whole process towards credentialing much smoother for the participant

The ACTP position means we have higher demands on our mentor coaches. CoachCompanion also offer 13 more mentor coaching hours in our program than required to meet high expectations and secure the best quality of our professional coaches.

We follow our students all the way, from the very first day till the ACC or PCC registration for achieving the global certificate.

Our training programs are famous for deep professional knowledge packaged in easy to understand boxes and at the same time life turning personal insights. We are also acknowledged for our ability to mix “hard” and “soft” values, tools and competences. Everything delivered in an accepting atmosphere which is the best platform for learning and results.


54 000 SEK/participant excluding VAT (67 500 SEK/participant including VAT)

The price includes:

  • 16 training days, 9 – 5 each day
  • Five individual mentor coaching sessions between the training days
  • 18 mentor coaching sessions in group within the training days
  • Written and oral feedback on several occasions from experienced mentor coaches
  • Support between the training days if needed
  • An oral exam between basic training and advanced (by phone or Skype)
  • An Oral exam after the advanced training (by phone or Skype)
  • Support with ICF registration and written exam*
  • Certification dinner and ceremony

* ICF registration for the international credentialing is not included in the price.

More information

For more information or group bookings please contact us at or Magdalena Lindhard,,  +4640306860



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