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Professional ICF coach?

ACTP Intensive coaching education

This education is for you who is passionate about helping others in their professional career and personal development. You are goal oriented and want to achieve the best and highest results both for yourself and for others. You are committed to focus your energy and drive for reaching this goal. No matter if you already work as a coach or if you have a management or leadership position, this education will improve your leadership and coaching skills.

Our intention is to equip you with the best professional tools in the field of coaching and leadership.


This is an Intensive – 16 days education within one year, consisting of Block 1 and Block 2. Two days (in a row) per month. Block 3 is reserved for performance evaluation followed by registration at ICF.

The whole education is based on the core competences ICF (International Coaching Federation) has defined for professional coaches on a global market.


ONLINE, Synchronous Learning (SL)
Training Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (CET)


5 490 EUR


16 education days

16 days education, between 9.00 am – 5 pm (CET) each day, two days (in a row)

Mentor coaching

10 mentor coaching sessions with a professional certified coach (PCC)

Observed sessions

6 observed coaching sessions with feedback

Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation (final oral exam) after completion of all parts of this education


Support with ICF registration*

* ICF registration for the international credentialing is not included in the price.

ICF Credentialing

CoachCompanion partners with you to reach your goal throughout the whole process. Support and individual solutions are offered upon onboarding this education. For detailed information, please read more at:

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