A life in fulfillment

Would you love to live a life in fulfillment?

A life where you live in passion, energy, happiness. A life with a meaning. When you have a mission. Because you are meant for something bigger, something more important than what you might imagine today. But we know it´s true.


How do we know?

Because many of our participants have been there. They were lost, the days of their lives were just passing by, they felt stuck in a life where they found no meaning.

In our training program a new world opened up for them. They found new possibilities, they got in contact with their inner strengths, they found joy, and happiness in helping other people like themselves finding their passion.

It´s your time now

It´s your time now. Your possibility to invest in yourself, your glorious self with your unique gifts and talents. To let that blossom, nice and easy. Find your mission in life, I´m quite sure you have a very unique mission. Let´s explore it together

Some of our previous participants want to share this with you:

”Coaching is so REAL! It can help a client to live their dreams. Using their own gifts and talents”

Maureen Tong


”This week was value added, life transforming and has awakened the giant within me to conquer the world”

Freddie Booysen



“This training changed my life from victim to victory. I also learned that what we focus on is so important. If you think about negative things that is all you will get in life. Limitation in yourself limits your abilities to go for your dreams. Dreams are meant to become reality”

Archana Singh

”I´m grateful for this opportunity 
Now the sky is the limit”



What will you learn?

This is a coach training program, accredited by the international branch organization ICF – International Coach Federation. It´s one program but the outcomes from it are three:

  1. Personal development. Lots and lots of our participants have gained new insights within themselves, found passion and a new way to fill life with meaning and purpose. It´s really a life changer!
  2. Coach career. After the oral exam you become a professional coach and have the knowledge and tools to be able to help other people navigate in their lives.
  3. Leadership. You learn the modern leadership, leadership coaching, which you can use to build a company, raise your children or in volunteer work.

Even if you join the program for only one of these three reasons, you will increase your knowledge in the other two. As a bonus, or maybe as a new career path opening up for you.


What is included?

  • Four + four training days, 9-5 every day
  • Five one to one mentor coaching sessions (Skype) between the training days
  • Training material
  • A separate oral exam


Trainer and assistant

Christina Lagnelius, one of the most experienced coaches and coach trainers in Sweden, as well as the founder and owner of CoachCompanion. And Archana Singh, originally from India but living in Sweden for the past 34 years, soon passing her international coach certification.


Why CoachCompanion

  1. We have a lot of experience (17 years).
  2. We are passionate about coaching!
  3. We are updated, for the time being we are teaching in the third generation of coaching.
  4. We are accredited by ICF to hold the oral exam for international credentialing.
  5. Our training combines hard and soft values.
  6. We use a holistic approach.
  7. We have dedicated, appreciated trainers on a senior level.
  8. We invite senior coaches in the training to add value.
  9. We give qualified feedback for the growth and learning of our participants.
  10. We are rated very high by our clients.
  11. We offer training in Stockholm and Malmö in Sweden, Finland and South Africa.
  12. You can choose to have your training in Swedish, Finnish or English.
  13. Our participants enjoy their training days very much. We have fun!
  14. They meet a lot of people they wouldn´t have met otherwise.
  15. They get new friends for the rest of their lives.
  16. We secure their success, from the very first day until implementing leadership coaching within their organization, or establishing a successful coachcompany. Some of them become our affiliates. All according to their wish.


  1. They discover parts of themselves that they didn´t even know they had. And are very proud of them!
  2. They can become franchise owners to CoachCompanion in another countries than Sweden
  3. We offer Master Mind groups for participants who want to expand their personal and professional potential even more
  4. We are sponsors of The Hunger Project and have a vision for setting up a center in India to support female entrepreneurs
  5. All of us change the world to a better world, for ourselves and others.


3000 US dollar per person ordinary price. A 30 % welcome discount for the first 10 people signing up


Questions and application

info@coachcompanion.se our CEO Johnny Ganeryd, johnny.ganeryd@coachcompanion.se, our local representative in India Nikila Shridhar, nikilashridhar@hotmail.com +919892682968 or the assistant during training – Archana Singh – archu71@hotmail.com


Welcome to the beginning of your new life. A life in fulfilment J


Yours CoachCompanon